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Flowers of Hungarians

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Saturday, July 6

In Hungary's rich cultural heritage, flowers are not only decorative elements, but also carry the nation's history and traditions. These flowers are also natural wonders and symbols that are closely related to Hungarian identity and culture.

At our event, visitors can get a taste not only of these plants, but also of common or rarer elements of the native flora. What's more, they can gain insight into the knowledge of non-native plant species that have now become commonplace due to their role in our everyday lives.

10.00 Let's learn about Hungarian flowers! – plant presentation

11.00 Fairy Tale Cradle – Mesél Csernik Szende is a Székely storyteller and puppeteer

12.00 The Nyenyere Society plays music

13.00 Let's learn about Hungarian flowers! – plant presentation

14.00 Folk dance and costume presentation

14.30 The Nyenyere Society plays music

15.00 Shine with the wind – renaissance melodies – The Golden Wool Society plays music

16.00 Falconry presentation

17.00 The peony – Moldavian melodies – Music by the Golden Wool Society

All day:

Craft demonstrations: beading, felting, wood carving

Traditional garden tools in today's alternative gardening

Interactive presentation with forged tools, where we can show the modern use of traditional old tools in an authentic environment. Many tried-and-tested tools can be used for tasks where soil-dwelling organisms are spared with little disturbance, but visitors can also get to know first-hand the variety of curved knives and jackknives that have been used continuously for the past 2,000 years. The toolsmith Péter Kovács and the horticultural engineer Emília Kas Kovács are waiting for the visitors at the site.

Beekeeping presentation

Crafts, folk games

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