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Tropical butterfly garden

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We conjured up a little rainforest under a foil tent, where the butterflies constantly emerge from the puppets in the puppet cabinet and flutter eye-catchingly from plant to plant, feast at the butterfly feeders or even land on the arms and clothes of the visitors. Visitors can meet nearly 250-300 colorful, tropical representatives of 20 butterfly species along the promenade.

Observing and photographing these butterflies native to the tropics of South and Central America is a truly unusual experience. Most of them are especially active in sunny weather, when the hundreds of butterflies zigzag between the plants forming a colorful cavalcade, and in darker weather they like to rest with folded wings on the leaves and branches of the plants. We provide a short specialist guide on site and information boards help you deepen what you see.

We draw our visitors' attention to the high humidity (70%) and temperature (30-35°C) in the room!

Given the current epidemiological situation and for the protection of visitors, entry is only possible with a mask and 10 people can stay in the foil tent at the same time!

We ask for your cooperation and thank you!

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