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6726 Szeged, Lövölde u. 42.
Cashier, information: +36 30 554 9650

Earth Day - Family Day

Earth Day - Family Day

On Saturday, April 20, the Botanical Garden of the University of Szeged will hold its Earth Day family day. On this day, together with Szeged Environmental Management Nonprofit Kft. and Szeged Waste Management Nonprofit Kft., we welcome visitors. We invite families to a playful tour combined with stamp collection, in which our partners are the Mondolo Association, the Szegedi Vízmű Zrt., the Csemete Association, the Komposztfutár and... Read more

Plant Day – Family day at the SZTE Botanical Garden

Plants Day - Family day in the SZTE Botanical Garden May 20, 2023.

Saturday, May 20, 2023, 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. We are joining the Fascination Plants Day international series of events with a truly meaningful and entertaining family day, where we welcome interested children and adults with demonstrations and games. The programs are organized by the Department of Plant Biology, Department of Ecology of the SZTE, the Institute of Plant Biology of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences SZBK, the Interactive Natural Science Knowledge Base, the Gabonakutató Nonprofit Kft. and civil ... Read more

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