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Cookie management

Cookie management

During the visit of the website, the IP address of the users visiting the website, the start and end date of the visit, the address of the page, and the type of the visitor's operating system and browser are recorded for the purpose of creating statistics regarding technical and user habits. The system continuously logs the data, but does not link it to other data entered during use. The data is stored until the server is deleted, for a maximum of 1 month. If we ask you to provide personal data, we will inform you immediately and on the spot for the purpose of processing the data and, if necessary, we will ask for your consent.

In order to provide customized service, the service provider stores a small data package on the user's computer, the so-called it places a cookie. By using the websites and clicking the ACCEPT button, you, as a user, accept that the service provider places cookies on your computer.

As a user, you can delete the cookie from your computer, and you can set your browser to prohibit the use of cookies. In addition, Google ensures that, as a user, on the Google ad opt-out page ( can disable the cookies placed by Google. By prohibiting or deleting the use of cookies, the use of websites may become more inconvenient.

External servers (Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics) support the independent measurement and auditing of visitor and other web analytics data of the SZTE Botanical Garden website.

The data controllers can provide visitors with detailed information on the handling of measurement data.

How does Google use cookies?

The SZTE Botanical Garden uses the following services that place/can place cookies on the website:

Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics, which are used to collect visitor statistics of the SZTE Botanical Garden.

The management of the data logged by the SZTE Botanical Garden, as well as the information collected by cookies about visitor habits and the data processed from them, are for statistical purposes only.

SZTE Füvészkert is entitled to know the data and will not pass them on to third parties.

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