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Hanami, enjoying the cherry blossoms

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Saturday, April 13, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m

From the end of March, the cherry trees bloom in the Japanese Garden of the Botanical Garden. Hanami (花見, literally "flower viewing") is a traditional Japanese custom of enjoying cherry blossoms and Japanese plums in spring. Cherry blossoms sweep across Japan from the end of March to the beginning of May. Our event is related to this, where we want to bring this traditional holiday in Japan closer to the visitors.


All day:

  • Tasting and selling of sushi and other Japanese dishes

During the presentation of the Gourmet Garden Sushi restaurant, visitors can gain an insight into the secrets of sushi making. Anita Klement, the owner and chef of the restaurant, guides those interested in the cuisine of the country of the rising sun. In addition to sushi, you can also find Japanese teas, desserts and Japanese drinks.

  • Bonsai presentation - György Imre not only presents special plants, including several old ones, but also provides help with the care and cultivation of bonsai
  • Presentation of Japanese books and comics - origami folding - manga drawing at the stand of the Somogyi library
  • Japanese souvenirs and sweets

13.00 Sushi making demonstration

14.00 Taiko - Japanese drum presentation

14.45 Martial arts presentation of the Hungarian Battodo Association

15.15 Guided tour of the Japanese garden with the help of Tamás Gál, curator of the Japanese garden

16.00 Japanese sencha tea making demonstration

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