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Insect Catching Plants Day

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Insect-catching plants are textbook examples of the amazing adaptability of the plant world. They have conquered nutrient-poor habitats in such a way that they supplement their nutrient needs by capturing and digesting animals. These special creatures already piqued the interest of Darwin, who wrote a comprehensive work on their lifestyle as early as 1875. Plants with a unique structure are also popular among gardeners, thanks to breeding there are many color and shape variations. Keeping them indoors can be done successfully with a little care.

On the thematic day, we welcome the little ones with games of skill and crafts. Youth and adults can observe the structure of the traps through a microscope, find out where they live and exactly what kind of lifestyle the individual species lead.

Anyone who wants to grow an insect-catching plant at home will have the opportunity to do so. You can buy the plants on the spot, and you can get help from specialists regarding their maintenance. Moreover, you can even arrange your own, which provides optimal conditions for the plant florarium (mini garden enclosed in glass) too. For this, we provide a limited number of canning jars, so if you don't want to leave empty-handed, you should bring a canning jar larger than 7dl.

THE our tropical butterfly garden is also worth visiting, which is open until September 30. At the beginning of September, the last shipment of 280 pupae arrived, from which the butterflies are constantly emerging.

We look forward to welcoming our visitors!

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