GPS coordinates: E 735758; N 099186

6726 Szeged, Lövölde u. 42.
Cashier, information: +36 30 554 9650

Mushroom Day 2021

gum day e.g

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 You wouldn't think it, but you can find rich and unique mushroom species around Szeged.

We are waiting for the mushrooms to be examined by a mushroom expert, there will be mushroom stroking, crafts and games, presentation and explanation of mushroom examination techniques on freshly collected mushroom fruiting bodies. We are organizing an exhibition of lyophilized mushrooms.

The event can be visited with a ticket!

ticket prices: adult: HUF 1,400, students, pensioners: HUF 1,000,

Kindergarten student, SZTE student, worker: HUF 600

The event is part of the Autumn Cultural Event.

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