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Plants Day

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We are joining the Fascination Plants Day international series of events with a really meaningful and fun family day, with demonstrations and games and the ever-popular stamp collecting adventure tour. Among others, the SZTE Department of Plant Biology, Department of Ecology, MTA SZBK Institute of Plant Biology, SZTE Interactive Nature Knowledge Center, Gabonakutató Nonprofit Kft. and civil organizations participate in the organization of the programs. We would like to draw attention to plant diversity, the extraordinary variety of plants and their importance in human life.

We warmly welcome the colleagues who graduated from the University of Szeged to the Biologist meeting organized for the first time on Plant Day, with the goal of creating a tradition, at which we would like to provide an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with old classmates and colleagues.

Please register for participation and free entry on the SZTE Alma Mater page and at the event via the following link:

If you are already a member of Alma Mater, it is enough to register at the link.

Programs on the Day of Plants

The opening of the commemorative exhibition organized on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the death of Pál Greguss in the main building, where Dr. Réka Szöllősi, assistant professor of the Department of Plant Biology, gives a short tour.

12.00 Dr. Rita Sinka, head of the SZTE Department of Genetics, and Prof. Dr. Attila Gácser, head of the SZTE Institute of Biology, opening the painting exhibition in the Mediterranean greenhouse

The exhibition will be opened by Dr. Péter Poór, associate professor of the SZTE Department of Plant Biology

13.30 Science and Beauty - Biologists behind the camera
Visitors can view the photo exhibition of Dr. Viktor Honti, Dr. Henrik Gyurkovics, Sándor Vadász, Dr. Gyula Molnár, Dr. Zsolt Datki, Dr. Márta Zalatnai, Dr. Csaba Vizler, Gábor Li and Csaba Eötvös in the rose garden.

The exhibition will be opened by Norbert Kosznai, the head of the SZTE Interactive Natural History Museum.

Garden tours depart from the main entrance at 10:30 a.m. and 2:00 p.m

Stage programs:
A children's performance by the Grimm Bus Theater

On this day, biologists have the main role not only at the professional stands, but also on stage.
Program of the Kukatók occasional folk music group led by Dr. Tibor Páli

from 14.45 Guitar and (g)vocals - the duo of István Csigér and Barnabás Wodala
István Csigér and Barnabás Wodala both graduated from the Faculty of Natural Sciences of the University of Szeged. Accompanied by a guitar, they perform two-part songs, mainly by Simon and Garfunkel. István Csigér is a biology teacher at the SZTE Gyakorló High School and a member of several musical formations. Barnabás Wodala is a biological translator and a member of the Fool Moon vocal group.

15.00 The 60-year-old Molnár Dixieland Band show

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