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Research projects in the Botanical Garden

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Ex-situ conservation of protected plant populations

Today, more and more interventions are needed to preserve biodiversity.

It is obvious to everyone that if an animal's habitat is endangered, the animal is preserved within the framework of a scientifically planned breeding program (ex situ conservation) and, if the conditions are right, it is reintroduced into nature. In the case of plants, a similar demand has arisen in recent decades from the national parks. Within the framework of the theme, ex situ propagation and examination of individuals of plant populations endangered due to human intervention or other periodic adverse environmental effects is carried out in the area of the Southern Great Plain National Parks.
The OTKA The work carried out with the support of

Awarded by the Kiskunság National Park, supported by the European Union in 75 %  LIFE Nature As a contributing partner of the 2006 tender, we carry out the ex situ conservation, propagation and replanting of the perennial carnation (Dianthus diutinus), which occurs only in Hungary, in its natural habitat. In this way, we contribute to the stability of populations.

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