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Very Good Day
– October 15, 2023

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Family day with pumpkin carving, great games and puzzles, pumpkin delicacies


Pumpkin carving: Those who feel like it can carve their Halloween pumpkin lanterns on site. Pumpkins for carving will be available for purchase on site, but those who wish can bring their own to carve.

Specially carved pumpkins will emerge from the hands of vegetable sculptor Lajos Rácz. Those who want to can try out how to conjure up a special motif on the orange pumpkins.

Pumpkin exhibition: At the pumpkin exhibition, our visitors can learn about the amazing variety of pumpkins, find out what the large, hard-shelled gourd fruit of pumpkins can be used for besides baking, and that pumpkin seeds are not only a popular delicacy, but also very healthy.

Good pumpkin games: pumpkin seeds can prove their skills in games of skill.

Pumpkin dishes: Those interested in gastronomy can taste pumpkin dishes and oven-baked pumpkin.

We also welcome our visitors with a fair of handicrafts and gastronomic products.

Our event takes place within the framework of the 27th Autumn Cultural Festival.

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