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Tropical Butterfly Garden, Orchid House and Fern House

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We conjured up a bit of rainforest under a foil tent, where butterflies constantly emerge from the puppets in the puppet cabinet and flutter eye-catchingly from plant to plant, feast at the butterfly feeders or even land on the arms and clothes of the visitors. Visitors can meet nearly 400 colorful tropical representatives of up to 20 species of butterflies along the promenade. Most of them are especially active in sunny weather, when the hundreds of butterflies zigzag between the plants forming a colorful cavalcade, and in darker weather they like to rest with folded wings on the leaves and branches of the plants. We provide a short specialist guide on site and information boards help you deepen what you see.

We draw the attention of our visitors to the tropical butterfly garden with high humidity (70%) and temperature (30-35°C)!

The entrance to the butterfly garden is located behind the Mediterranean greenhouse. After entering, the path leads through the Páfrányház, a collection presenting representatives of the harastok tribe (ferns, harastoks). In connection with the exhibition, many interesting facts can be read on the displayed information boards, from representatives of the hornet tribe to mathematical laws that can be observed in nature. The Orchid House can also be visited through the entrance of the tropical butterfly garden, where we offer a taste of warm climate orchid species, varieties and horticultural varieties.

Opening hours of the Tropical Butterfly Garden, Orchid House and Fern House:

May 1 - September 30

open every day: 9.00-17.45 (closed: 12.00-13.00)

The entrance ticket to the herb garden entitles you to a single entry to the tropical butterfly garden!

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