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XIV. Lotus days

Moats in the herb garden in Szeged

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Fans of Indian culture will be treated to a number of stage productions: there will be a mantra concert, Kirtan Jam will perform, and you can be a part of Zoltán Lantos' virtuoso violin concert for Raga Fusion. Balázs Virágh's performance brings the Pakhawaj tradition to life on stage. The traditional temple dances, which will be performed by Túri Virág and the Parvati dance group, as well as by the Kala Sangam dance group, are an essential part of the weekend. At Katalin Bárón's book presentation, we can find out "Is India really like this?".

As a novelty this year, the culture and art of Korea will also be presented on stage. Those interested can learn about traditional Korean music, dance and clothing. On the shores of the lotus pond, we can get a glimpse of a Korean tea ceremony on both days.

For lovers of Chinese culture, we can recommend the stand of the Confucius Institute, calligraphy, Chinese tea, as well as tai chi, chi kung, mediball and kung fu demonstrations.

The Japanese style will be brought to the weekend by the performance of the Taiko Japanese drum ensemble and the do in presentation. Thanks to the Hungarian Origami Circle, the rose garden will once again host an origami exhibition and crafts.

Plant lovers can get to know the flora of Asia on the Lotus tour, while the flora of Japan receives special attention in the framework of a separate walk.

We also welcome our visitors with yoga and martial arts demonstrations, henna painting, and a craft fair.

We invite everyone to yoga together again on Saturday and Sunday morning to start the day cheerfully and fresh!

Detailed information about the programs:

We look forward to welcoming our visitors!

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