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In recent decades, the activities of herb gardens have expanded significantly, and the structure of collections has changed accordingly. Our most important activities are the following. 

Collection management:

Our basic activity is the care, maintenance, expansion and protection of collections (e.g. rose garden, rock garden, taxonomic collection), and creation of new collections, and the following is based on this.  

Presentation and conservation of biological diversity:

We contribute to the preservation of the gene stock of protected plants, visitors can get to know more than 40 protected species. Protected plants are among the national treasures of our country, we also have plants that live only in Hungary. Among the species of remote regions, we mainly present the economically useful ones (food, industrial and ornamental plants).

 Education-research, dissemination of knowledge:

The herb garden, as a university unit, primarily serves university education and research. However, public education and dissemination of knowledge for the development of an environmentally conscious approach is a very important activity. This is also served by nature studies, extracurricular activities, weekend family programs and occasional exhibitions.

For meaningful leisure time

in addition to the above programs, a walk in the garden with clean air also provides an opportunity. We are working to provide an aesthetic experience primarily by designing the park section, and to present the birds of the garden in dioramas in addition to the beauty of the plants. The more patient visitors can see many of them live, and especially in the spring, the garden is loud with their singing. With our birdhouse and bird feeder demonstration, we encourage our visitors to create bird-friendly gardens in their own environment.

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