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Day of insect catcher and exotic plants
– September 17, 2023

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Sunday, 10.00-16.00

Plants live everywhere on Earth, populating even the most unfavorable habitats thanks to their extraordinary adaptability. Good examples of this are the predators of the flora, the insect-catching plants.

On this thematic day, the attention is even more focused on them. Youth and adults can observe the structure of the traps through a microscope, find out where they live and exactly what kind of lifestyle the individual species lead.

Visitors can also listen to lectures about the plants at the stands.

Thus, from 11:00 a.m., Bálin Czuppon, the manager of the Predatory Garden, will present "The special life of insect-catching plants".

From 2:00 p.m., the already well-acquainted couple - György Kardos and Kálmán Kovács - will give a presentation: "Practical advice for keeping and propagating carnivorous plants at home".

At 3:00 p.m., in the presentation of Tamás Gál, an employee of the Füvészkert, we can learn about the "Possibilities of keeping exotic fruit and ornamental plants in Hungary".

We welcome the little ones with games of skill and crafts.

Anyone who wants to grow an insect-catching plant at home will have the opportunity to do so. You can buy the plants on the spot, and you can get help from specialists regarding their care. Moreover, you can even set up your own florarium (mini garden enclosed in glass) that provides optimal conditions for the plant. For this, we provide a limited number of canning jars, so if you don't want to leave empty-handed, you should bring a canning jar larger than 7 dl.

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