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Lavender Days in the Szeged Botanical Garden

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It must be surprising for everyone, but the lavender genus includes at least 48 species, of which 3 are really important for us. The oldest cultivated true lavender exists, and the broad-leaved lavender in France and a hybrid lavender cultivated in Hungary are better known. Due to its countless areas of application, one of the most versatile is the essential oil pressed from the plant, which our predecessors successfully used for dry or catarrhal coughs, against migraine headaches, or due to its calming effect, to relieve internal tensions. The roots of this evergreen, semi-shrub with low-growing woody stems search for nutrients very deeply, and its leaves are opposite, fibrous or characteristically tapered at both ends. Its flowers are arranged in pseudo-circles, have a special bluish-purple color, and are 5-membered. It has already crept into our everyday vocabulary, the so often mentioned "lavender color". Its fruit is 4 acorns, but usually only 1-2 of them develop. Since this wonderful plant blooms mainly in June and July, the management of the SZTE Botanical Garden decided to organize a new festival under the auspices of this noble plant not only for Szeged, but also for the Southern Great Plain. In the lavender collection in the monastery garden, we present the best-known varieties in the botanical garden, which has clean air and is green and blooming with thousands of plants and is constantly developing.

The first herb garden Lavender Dayswith high-quality and colorful cultural, educational and entertainment programs for all ages - concerts, podium performances, plant shows and fairs, handicrafts, face painting for children, individual activities, exhibitions - we welcome lavender lovers and those interested. The Cultural Office of SZTE - showing how many artistic and cultural fields have been inspired by this scent bomb - presents the winning entries of its previously announced poetry competition with the student artists of the Szeged University Stage to the public. In addition to prose, singing also fills the airwaves, the Hungarian opera singer Júlia Vajda, winner of the Ferenc Liszt Prize, and the artists of the Szeged National Theater make the garden magical with lavender melodies. Gabi Gubás and Zsolt Pálfy will play music while telling stories to the little ones, so that they can bring a smile to even their parents' faces with their bio-fairy concert titled "The Adventures of Puff Ancsi". In addition to numerous folk music concerts and mini-festivals, visitors can learn about the beneficial effects of lavender, taste lavender foods and drinks, and make souvenirs during the two days. The event starts on Saturday with the opening of the exhibition of Mazila's lavender pictures, which can be viewed until July 20 in the exhibition space in the ticket office building of the Botanical Garden.

A weekend at Füvészkert, where it's all about lavender!

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