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Let's garden together in the Botanic Garden

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The small garden is a great joy

From the end of February, a six-part series of programs discussing the topic of gardening and gardening practices will start in the SZTE Botanical Garden.
We hope that our program contributes to the fact that more and more people become gardeners who find joy in raising and caring for plants., be they food plants and herbs or flowers decorating the small garden or balcony box.
Our goal first of all, we provide the opportunity to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge for those who feel like gardening and would like to try their hand at it.
On each occasion, we take turns on important basic knowledge from the point of view of gardening, grouped around the following topics:
1. February 26., Sunday
The tsoil, the basis of gardening
Which is not worth saving, but mecapitalizes on the invested energy: the necessary earthwork and soilpossibilities of applying corrections. Useful information the about growing media that can be used in the cultivation of potted plants, and ways of replenishing nutrients. Cultivation of vegetables and food plants in the small garden.
2. March 12., Sunday
Composting is simply small and on a large scale
Basic knowledge of plant protection
Making compostsing possibilities in a small garden and so onprice in a bucket too. Gardening "fashion wave" the use of microbiological preparations is really an outstanding poundquantity? Kill two birds with one stone: recycling and making "humus" at home. An insight into the life function of growing creatures, i.e. plants.
3. March 26., Sunday
Let's grow beautiful and healthy plants - protection against pathogens and pests with traditional and environmentally friendly methods
Information about modern plant protection, plant protection agents, nutrient solutions, fertilizers. What, what and how should it be sprayed? The individual plant protection trends and their application possibilitiesk, alternative protection methods in the service of reducing the environmental load.
4. April 2., Sunday
Balcony gardening
A new trend in gardening on a few square meters. How do we know that food and to grow herbs or even flowers. What to plant, what and how, species and varietyselection criteria, taking environmental factors into account, in a creative way.
5. April 16., Sunday
Garden design ideas
Based on what aspects do we plan our small garden? What should we pay attention to so that our garden will be in harmony even after a few years? The garden pond, rock garden and other visual elements the possibilities of its formation. Tips for building a bird-friendly and butterfly garden, kitchen gardens and herb gardens by choosing diverse plant groups.
6. April 30., Sunday
Herbs in the garden
Are all plants medicinal? Which one too let me choose? Beliefs and misconceptions about the physiological effects and uses of medicinal plants. Herbs that can be easily grown in the kitchen garden and on the balcony, their propagation and care.
Participation fee: 27.HUF 000/person.
Date: the announced ion Sunday mornings from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Advance registration is required Until January 31, 2023 at the e-mail address of Füvészkert: More information at the above e-mail address or at the telephone number 30/687-2967.
We look forward to your applications!

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