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A walk in the spring herb garden

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The mild, sunny March days awaken new representatives of the early spring flowers from their winter dormancy.

The pink, pleasant-smelling flowers of the deciduously blooming Kikelt bangita (Viburnum bodnatense) and the bushes of the fleshy som (Cornus mas) laden with yellow flowers beckon from afar. It is worth stopping and taking a close look at the small flowers of the fleshy som, which are grouped in head-like umbels on the branches, as if a painter had playfully painted them with a yellow brush.

Eastern Bangita | Meaty catfish

Among the grasses, the blue flowers of the fragrant violet (Viola odorata), the favorite plant of spring, stand out, and the speckled lungwort (Pulmonaria officinalis) is also in full bloom. Small groups of crocus (Crocus × sp.) and daffodils (Narcissus × sp.) with yellow, white and blue flowers also come before our eyes while walking along the roads.

Fragrant violet | Saffrons

All of this list is intended as a small taster, as the awakening nature shows its more colorful and complete face day by day. Pictures cannot express the pleasant smell of fresh air and the spring bird whistle concert, everyone should experience it!

Crocus | Winter jasmine

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