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Spring renewal

500 square meter greenhouse

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The EU project of the new tropical greenhouse worth more than 250 million forints, which was built on the site of the old facility back in 2013, is nearing its end. This year, the new complex will be open for the first time on Easter, where it will welcome the interested public in its structural and formal integrity, already furnished and planted with plants.

In the greenhouse with a floor area of more than 500 square meters and an interior height of at least 7.5 meters, most of the 50-year-old plants remained in place, but the showroom was expanded with many visual elements. In and around the newly built, multi-level lake system, you can see aquatic and waterside plants of tropical rivers and lakes: fairy roses, papyrus, water hyacinth, water millet, Brazilian giant sedge and, according to our plans, we will also try to grow the Amazonian fairy rose. Insect-catching plants, pitcher plants, and hornworts were also housed in this greenhouse. The very rich collection of ferns in the herb garden has also moved to a more ideal place for the plants, on a 2.5 m high green wall with a stream, you can admire the representatives of the harrastok tribe. From the also newly created gallery running around the edge of the greenhouse, you can admire the tropical collection from a completely different perspective, almost from the height of the canopy.

Plants in the new greenhouse

Those interested can get to know the plant material of the collection by grouping it around different topics (useful plants, rainforest plants, forms of plant adaptation, orchids, endangered plant species), so they are guaranteed to learn many interesting things about the striking diversity of tropical landscapes. Information boards help you find your way around and gain knowledge.

We hope that walking among the lush vegetation, visitors will really feel like they are in a rainforest.

New greenhouse in the herb garden in Szeged

Thanks to this investment, our collection of cacti, which until now could not be visited due to lack of space, will also be opened to the public. Among the more than half a hundred succulent, drought-adapted plant species, you can see cacti of different forms and growth characteristics (e.g. tree-dwelling Rhipsalis) and succulents (rock rose bushes, milkweeds) in a display area inside the greenhouse building.

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