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August panorama

Indian lotus

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The Indian lotus is blooming

The Indian lotus those interested can see the largest herd in Central Europe in the lotus pond of the Füvészkert. The plant blooms for a long time, from June to the beginning of September we can admire the huge lotus flowers rising high above the surface of the lake. For those who want to learn more about this plant, we recommend the website

    lotusz3o tn

Colorful annual beds walking between them, in addition to the wonderful view, we can also get ideas for designing our own bed.

   one-year 40 tn

The cultivated plant in our collection is known and grown in remote areas dye, fiber and food plantswe present. Most of the plants are already in bloom or in fruiting state.

Among the food plants, you can get to know sugarcane, cassava, sesame, soy, or even chamois and peanuts. Among the fiber plants, you can see ramie, jute, sisal, and cotton.

The photo shows an interesting-looking type of grass, the Job's tear (Coix lacryma-jobi) are presented. The hard seeds of this plant, native to the tropical regions of Asia, are used to make beads and rosaries, and are also grown as a cereal plant, used in Chinese medicine, and tea can also be made from it.

cultural job-konnyeo tn

In our greenhouse, which can be visited freely, you can get to know the plants of the Mediterranean and sub-Mediterranean regions.


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