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Cool Day and Autumn Planet Parade in the Botanic Garden


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Very Good Day

For the eighth time, we invite families to a Good Pumpkin Day, where one of the popular fall delicacies, the pumpkin family, will be the main character.

We offer meaningful and entertaining programs for both young and old:

  • Pumpkin carving: Those who feel like it can carve their Halloween pumpkin lanterns on the spot, or even make pumpkin candlesticks and window decorations. Pumpkins can be purchased for pumpkin carving.
  • Pumpkin exhibition: At the pumpkin exhibition, our visitors can learn about the amazing variety of pumpkins: the huge Halloween pumpkins, the slender thief varieties and the small decorative pumpkins that grow in countless colors, patterns and shapes. They can learn what the large, hard-shelled gourd of pumpkins can be used for besides baking, and that pumpkin seeds are not only a popular delicacy, but also very healthy.
  • Very good games: pumpkin seeds can prove their skills in skill games!
  • Pumpkin dishes: Those interested in gastronomy can taste pumpkin dishes and oven-baked pumpkin! We are looking forward to your favorite family pumpkin recipes, even with a tasting!
  • 10.30: Seven in one fell swoop! : THE Grimm-Busz Theater with a musical program we welcome children and adults
  • Handicraft fair and crafts.
  • The nature photography exhibition of Dr. Enikő Kovács and Péter Bial can be viewed in the Mediterranean greenhouse

The event can be visited with a herb garden ticket:

adult: HUF 1,400

student/pensioner: HUF 1,000,

Kindergarten student/SZTE student/worker: HUF 600


Carving pumpkins and ornamental pumpkins can be purchased on site.


Autumn Planet Parade

Those visitors who stay until the end of our Good Pumpkin Day program will have the opportunity to walk through the garden and participate in the twilight evening stargazing tour organized by the astronomers starting at 6 p.m. Illuminated pumpkin lanterns will show the way to the stargazing location.

The box office of the Botanical Garden closes at 5:30 p.m. Visitors who arrive later for the Fall Planet Parade can exchange tickets and enter the program at the Star Observatory (entrance from Kertész Street).

Autumn Planet Parade ticket:

adult: HUF 1,000

student/pensioner: HUF 500

The event is part of the Autumn Cultural Festival.

We look forward to welcoming our visitors!

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